Schedule, prices of Baku- Shusha bus trips revealed

The Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan has announced ticket prices for bus trips from Baku to Shusha and Barda from January 24, Deputy Foreign Minister Rahman Hummatov said, SİA informs.

According to him, the trips will be organized on the Baku-Shusha, Baku-Aghdam, Ahmadbayli-Shusha, Fuzuli Airport-Shusha and Barda-Aghdam routes.

“There have already been test trips and appropriate measurements. The rides will be organized 4 times a week on the Ahmadbayli-Shusha route and twice a week in other directions. The ticket prices will be as follows: Baku-Shusha-Baku ticket price - 10.4 manats, Baku-Aghdam-Baku - 9.4 manats, Ahmadbayli-Shusha-Ahmadbayli - 7 manats, Barda-Aghdam-Barda - 5 manats, Fuzuli International Airport-Shusha-Fuzuli International Airport - 6 manats. These prices are for one-way tickets. Passengers must buy round-trip tickets,” Rahman Hummatov added.

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