SSPF realized query under the topic “Have you got state social insurance certificate?”

Next interactive query held in Azerbaijan Republic State Social Protection Fund web-site ( was accomplished. Respondents were asked "Did you get state social insurance certificate?". SIA reports that according to the information given from press-service of Fund. According to the results of the query 75,3 per cent of the respondents answered affirmatively. 19,5 per cent of the respondents said that thay didn’t get their certificate, 5,2 per cent said that they didn’t adress in this respect.
For information, labour pensions in Azerbaijan are established on the grounds of paid mandatory state social insurance dues. It makes pension amount dependent on mandatory state social insurance payment in time. SSPF creates personal account for every insured with unique social insurance number with the purpose of personal accounting of paid mandatory state social insurance dues. Important data requered for realization of future pension security of the insured is accumulated in that account. In this case official document – social insurance certificate affirming registration of the insured in SSPF and creation of personal account for the insured is legalized.
Every single citizen should get social insurance certificate for guaranteed future. At the same time employer have to try his salary to be indicated in whole amount in the wages tariff and should personally be interested in whole indication of salary by the employer. Because established amount of social payments in our country depends on insurance record and on the amount accumulated in personal individual account of the citizen.
Further extending of personal accounting in state social insurance system is one of the duties put forward in "State programme on development of insurance-pension system in Azerbaijan in 2009-2015". Indicating corresponding data about insured in that account and delivering it to them is meant in future perpectives on the basis of the programme.
For remind, additionally 92 286 persons were provided with personal account during six months of current year. At the result, statistics of 01.07.2010 affirms that the number of the insured in Azerbaijan having personal account amunted to 1 732 215 persons.

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