President Ilham Aliyev: The TANAP project, which is our brainchild, today attracts the attention of the whole world

"When my dear brother and I signed the TANAP project two years ago, we could roughly expect where it would lead us. The TANAP project, which is our brainchild, today attracts the attention of the whole world. Our teams and groups have already begun work. I am sure that this historic project will be implemented in a timely manner," said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at a joint press statement ceremony with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The head of state noted that "We have always been together in energy issues. TANAP is a project which, of course, requires broader international cooperation. It brings together more countries and companies. I am confident that with joint efforts and through common will, we will successfully implement this project."
"Today we also discussed issues of mutual investment. This in some sense is a novelty in our relations because major mutual investment has been made both from Turkey and Azerbaijan in recent years. In the next five to six years even more Azerbaijani investment will be made in Turkey – about $17-20 billion. I am very pleased that the Turkish side is increasing its stake in our energy projects. It has increased its stake in "Shah Deniz" and owns a large share in the TANAP project.
These are also Turkish investments in Azerbaijan. At the same time, due to the implementation of these projects great new opportunities are emerging. The main actors in these large energy projects are Turkey and Azerbaijan. And it should be the case. Today, our unity is already a factor on a global scale, and the stronger Turkey, the more confident we will feel. We are very pleased with Turkey's successes. I am sure that our brotherly relations will continue to flourish," President Ilham Aliyev added.

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