1,000 year-old mummified monk reveals

A 1,000-year old mummified monk hidden inside a statue of Buddha has revealed more of his secrets.

The Chinese statue, part of a joint exhibition between museums in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary, is attracting plenty of attention after scientists performed a CT scan and endoscopy on the mummy inside.

After a seven-month exhibition at the Drents Museum in Assen, Holland, that ended in August 2014, experts decided to conduct a closer analysis of the hidden mummy.

"After the exhibition, we had some more questions about the inner part of this mummy," Vincent van Vilsteren, curator of archaeology at the Drents Museum, told FoxNews.com."

The statue’s owner, a private individual in Holland, is considering making a life-sized reconstruction of the mummy, according to van Vilsteren. "For that reason, we decided to do a 3D scan," he said.

The owner bought the Buddha statue in 1996, unaware of its grisly contents. The mummy was discovered the following year while experts were restoring the statue.

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