Admission to master’s degree suspended in some Azerbaijani universities

Admission to the master’s degree has been suspended in some universities of Azerbaijan, said Chairwoman of the State Student Admission Commission (SSAC) Maleyka Abbaszadeh at the press conference today.

According to her, both state and private universities have suspended the admission to the master’s degree. From the private universities – Tafakkur University, Baku Asia University, Eurasia University, Baku Business University, Girls’ University and Azerbaijan Cooperation University and from the state universities Mingachevir Polytechnic University and Azerbaijan Teachers’ Institute have suspended the admission to the master’s degree. The reason of this is unknown for us. The SSAC has received the admission plan in finished form."

The SSAC Chairwoman said that this year the total number of planned places for master’s degree increased by 5% and reached to 6107 places (5815 places last year). The number places under the state order increased by 14%. So this year the number of places for the state order is 2387 (2095 places last year).

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