SOCAR launches new filling station in Ukraine

The State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has launched a new filling station in the Cherkassy region, Ukraine. The new complex is located at the entrance to the city of Uman, opposite National Dendrologic Park "Sofievka". It has become the sixth SOCAR petrol station in Cherkassy region, providing additional jobs for 22 people.

The petrol station format provides for high-quality fuels and various services for a comfortable stay. In particular, the new petrol complex sells petroleum products meeting eco standard Euro-5 from leader refineries of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Two fuel-dispensing units with gasoline A-92, A-95, branded gasoline A-95 TM NANO and diesel fuel TM NANO were installed for their issuance.

Also, there is a store and Butacafe, where customers are always offered a variety of drinks, branded doner-kebabs, salads from seasonal vegetables, fresh pastries, and traditional Azerbaijani baklava.

Besides, the filling station complex offers free services: water refilling for washer tank, tire inflation, wi-fi, guest parking for cars, WC, including WC for disabled people, changing tables for guests with children. Vacuum cleaner service is offered separately.

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