Transport and telecommunication sector tariffs in Azerbaijan

In February 2013 tariffs of cargo transportation in the transport sector increased by 1.0% and conveyance of passengers decreased by 1.2%.

According to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, average tariff of 10 tons cargo in railway transport on import decreased by 5.0% and it is increased by 1.8% on transit, 11.7% - on local relation, 33.3% - on export. During the month tariffs on conveyance of passengers to CİS countries was decreased by 5.8%.

During the month oil transportation tariffs by pipeline was increased by 1.1%.

Tariffs of cargo transportation and conveyance of passengers by air transport to CIS countries correspondingly decreased by 1.3% and 2.3%, conveyance of passengers to other foreign countries – 9.3%.

In the sector of post and courier tariffs of express post increased by 5.1% and in the communication sector tariffs of internet communication decreased by 0.9%.

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