Israel deploys tanks, armored vehicles to Lebanese border — website

The Israeli army’s command has reinforced its group of forces along the Lebanese border deploying armored vehicles and more military personnel there, the Lebanon 24 news website reported.

According to the website, a tank convoy and armored personnel carriers were redeployed to border areas of the Upper Galilee on Thursday. The website links the deployment of tanks and additional mechanized patrols to the increasing intensity of hostilities between the two sides over the recent days.

The military group of the Shi’ite party Hezbollah earlier claimed responsibility for shelling Goren and Eilon in northern Israel. A military bulletin, which was posted on its Telegram channel, said that its fighters used multiple rocket launchers for shelling Israel.

The Falaq-1 missiles were launched by Shi’ite militias at the fortified areas of Jel al-Alam, Ramta, Ruweisat and Tell-Kubra. No details were provided regarding the consequences of those strikes or the casualties among Israeli troops.

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