Deputy FM: Azerbaijan has ideal position to promote progress in climate negotiations

As one of the world's recognized centers of multiculturalism, Azerbaijan is leveraging its connections to build bridges between North and South and West and East. Therefore, the country has an ideal position to facilitate all-inclusive discussions to achieve tangible progress in the climate negotiations at COP29, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Azerbaijan Yalchin Rafiyev said during a round table dedicated to the 28th and 29th sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28 and COP29), SİA informs.

“As we take on the COP Presidency, we are extremely grateful for your work and are committed to building strong connections with all of you. At COP28 we made big choices for the future. We are honored that Azerbaijan has been chosen as the host of COP29, and we understand the great responsibility we have,” he said.

The deputy minister stressed that Azerbaijan, during the COP29, will build on the momentum received in Dubai and will move forward further, relying on collective calls for further action.

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