Azerbaijani continues to implement different project for the development of youth organizations- Elnur Aslanov

State Program "The Azerbaijani youth in 2011-2015" of Mr. President is a vivid example of the attention of the Azerbaijani state attached to youths and their future development, Elnur Aslanov has said.

Addressing a conference on the one-year results of the State Program, the chief of the political analysis and information department of the Presidential Administration said that if we analyze the work done during this period, we will see that most of the development directions and spheres include the improvement of intellectual level of youths and formations of democratic institutions.

"We want to see the formation and activity of more initiative, intellectual and creative youth in Azerbaijan. At the same time, we want them to derive advantage from this State Program and conditions provided by the Azerbaijani state and bring new initiatives, ideas and useful proposals."

Aslanov thinks that this State Program will give a big opportunity for youths in this direction.

"In general, the Azerbaijani state up to now has carried out and continues to implement different project for the development of youth organizations. Here the main thing is to promote Azerbaijan both in and beyond the country and especially convey Nagorno-Karabakh realities to the international community and youth, in which a big responsibility falls on the shoulders of our youths and youth organizations."

He stressed that the Azerbaijani youth should always be in the front while promoting Azerbaijan both within and outside the country.

"This issue should always be active. Democracy is an abstract notion. It has no end. Here a saying of Heydar Aliyev comes to mind. He said democracy is not an apple that you can but from the store and use it.

Indeed, the path that Azerbaijan passed through during these years, the political and economic development manifest that Azerbaijan is really a democratic country with civil society. In other words, Azerbaijan and its youth is a country and space that will continue to make new achievements in the future."

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