Protest held outside Iranian embassy in Baku

A protest organized by the World Azerbaijanis Congress has been held outside the Iranian embassy in Baku.

The action participants chanted slogans against the anti-Azerbaijani policy and support to Armenia by Iran.

The action participants presented the statement of the World Azerbaijanis Congress. It says that an action whose participants spoke against the Eurovision 2012 music contest and allegedly the gay parade was held in Tebriz on 8 May though the Azerbaijani side repeatedly said that no such parade will be held in Baku.

The statement also notes that Iran's cooperation against Armenia is expanding and Iran's support to Armenia is one of the reasons of the failure of the Armenian armed forces to withdraw from Azerbaijan.

In completion, the action participants tore the portraits of Mahmud Ahmadinejad and Serzh Sargsyan and threw it to the ground in front of the embassy.

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