Milli Majlis adopts 2012 state budget

The Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan has adopted the 2012 state budget today.

Speaker of the parliament Oqtay Asadov said wide discussions were conducted over the matters in the budget package and that the government was expected to respond to proposals made about the budget in the Milli Majlis within 10 days.

In his remarks about amendments to the package of the 2012 state budget, Finance Minister Samir Sharifov said 74 MPs have addressed questions and recommendations to the government to improve welfare of people, to increase military power of the state, to enhance state support for municipalities and NGOs, to improve housing conditions of servicemen, to develop non-oil sector and earmark more funds for the districts of the country.

"The recommendations of MPs were reviewed in detail and the funds required were estimated."

Around AZN 671,000 has been allocated to consolidate material and technical basis of Milli Majlis and meet business trip, internet and transport costs of the parliament, the minister added.

An additional AZN 1.4m has been earmarked to bring housing and rental fees of military men in reserve and those who have retired in line with the rental fees of current servicemen.

As much as AZN 1m have been added to AZN 2.7m to be allotted for the Council for the State NGO Assistance in 2012.

The funds to be issued for municipalities have been raised by AZN 1.5m to reach AZN 5m.

Extra AZN 100,000 has been allotted to improve housing conditions of servicemen.

Around AZN 61m has been earmarked to move health care and cultural facilities under SOCAR to subordination of health care, culture and tourism ministries respectively.

The income of the 2012 state budget is estimated at AZN 16.436bn, which constitutes a rise of 5.7% or AZN 882.2m compared to the previous year’s budget.

The expenditures have been estimated at AZN 16.984bn.

The budget expenditures of the State Oil Fund are predicted to total AZN 10.483bn in 2012.
The defense and military expenditures are expected to be more than AZN 1.381bn.

The price on a barrel of oil has been estimated at $80 in the state budget.

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