Armenian expert: Our foreign policy and diplomacy totally ruined

"Armenia's foreign policy and diplomacy are totally ruined," Suren Sargsyan, an expert on international affairs, said on his Facebook page.

SİA informs, citing Aysor, that he criticized the Armenian government's diplomatic relations and foreign policy over the past three years: "Armenian-Russian relations absolutely do not correspond to the relations peculiar to strategic allies. Armenian-US relations are on the historically lowest level. The only agenda issue is the provision of US assistance. Armenian-Chinese ties, which have always been a model of bilateral relations, have become inadequate during the past three years.

No serious steps are taken towards the EU; no adequate agenda is being formed. The whole plan is spinning exclusively around the financial assistance coming from Europe. There is no serious cooperation with the CSTO, UN, NATO, and other international structures we are a member of or are cooperating with."

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