Germany supports return of all residents to Karabakh

Germany is interested in peaceful living of both Azerbaijanis and Armenians in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. The return of residents there will contribute to the development of the entire region, German Ambassador to Azerbaijan Wolfgang Manig told SİA.

"The resettlement [of people in the liberated territories] should lead to peace and reconciliation... Of course, no matter what their ethnic background is, they should be identified by the region they come from. And we expect that when Azerbaijanis settle there, they will sooner or late establish contacts with the Armenians also resettling there, and vice versa. General resettlement means that the Azerbaijanis will one day return to Khankandi, and the Armenians to Hadrut, and so on," the ambassador said.

He noted that he also discussed this issue with the chairman of the State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of Azerbaijan, Rovshan Rzayev, during his recent visit to Shusha: "We also exchanged views on the possibilities of restoring these territories," the ambassador said, adding that the State Committee of Azerbaijan is one of the closest partners of Germany.

According to the ambassador, Germany has a special regional program for IDPs, which they started back in 1994, to develop their education and provide them with jobs in the future, but at present this program is not intended for resettlement.

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