Ombudsman: UN needs serious reforms since it does not meet current challenges

The UN needs serious reforms since it does not meet the current challenges, Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva said at an international conference on "Neocolonialism: violation of human rights and injustice" held in Baku, SİA informs.

According to her, the policy of neo-colonialism should be abandoned, peoples should live in free and peaceful conditions: "I believe that the work of the Baku Initiative Group will contribute to the process."

Aliyeva also drew attention to Armenian aggression and a landmine problem: "Azerbaijan suffered from the Armenian aggression. The number of mine victims has reached 330 since the Patriotic War. Armenia has not yet informed about the fate of 4,000 Azerbaijanis who went missing in the First Karabakh War."

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