Political speculations of some opposition representatives to not damage traditional good relations between Germany and Azerbaijan- Fuad Alasgarov

Azerbaijani official has commented on the anti-Eurovision statements of a number of opposition parties.

"The statements of some oppositional parties and functions, represented in the organization called "Public Chamber", on the "Diplomatic order: prepare for Eurovision" article of "Yeni Azerbaycan" newspaper published on April 27, are contrary to the principle of freedom of speech and information in our country", Head of the Department for Work with Law-Enforcement Bodies of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration Fuad Alasgarov told.

According to him, as in every democratic society, first of all such articles must be assessed also in Azerbaijan in the context of freedom of speech: "The above-mentioned article touches on moral aspects of the politics and comments on the stereotypes, which were formed in the system of political relations, in the context of democratic values. As an example the "One cannot enter a temple with dirty legs" antithesis is set against "all opportunities can be used for achieving goal in the politics" thesis of Otto von Bismarck. Adolf Hitler’s fascism is strongly condemned and Konrad Adenauer’s efforts for removing the cultural collapse created by Hitler were highly assessed in the article. The article investigates and comments on positions of Germany’s some politicians’ purposive anti-Azerbaijan campaign on the eve of Eurovision-2012 Song Contest.

Alasgarov said that the placing of photos of the mentioned people in the article was a simple professional method which was used in the press: "In accordance with the content and comments reflecting the historical process of the article, photos of mentioned people are given in this photo illustration. That’s why the inadequate reaction, double standards and groundless statements of several opposition supporters, who always try to show themselves as "supporters of free speech", in that photo illustration, cause regret. I would like to note that the political speculations of some opposition representatives, at the same time the anti-Azerbaijan campaign of some German circles and mass medias that are of preconceived position against Azerbaijan, will not damage traditional good relations between our countries and people".

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