Transparency International organization's report not reflect Azerbaijan's realety-Ali Ahmadov

Transparency International organization's report does not comply with Azerbaijan's spirit and efforts in the anti-corruption fight, deputy chairman and executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov told journalists.

"Any assessment, especially those of international organizations, must be objective and fair," he said. "Subjective opinions must not prevail. We consider Transparency International's report on Corruption Perception Index in Azerbaijan as the report not reflecting the realities."

He said Azerbaijan's real place in this list substantially differs from that stated by Transparency International.

"International organizations must show the real situation in this issue, just as in other issues," he said.

Ahmadov noted the opinion of Azerbaijan's major part of the population differs from that of Transparency International.

"There is no corruption in Azerbaijan," he said. "At the same time, the authorities seriously operate to prevent it."

Azerbaijan has political will to combat corruption. The important work is being conducted in this direction. Of course, it will continue, Ahmadov underscored.

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