Days of entrance exams to the higher education establishments to be changed

The days of entrance exams to the higher education establishments will be changed in Azerbaijan, said Chairwoman of the State Students Admission Commission (SSAC) Maleyka Abbaszadeh at the press conference today.

She reminded that the SSAC officially announced the dates of entrance exams in April: "As these dates were announced by president’s decree issued on April 19 before accretion of commission’s power, we declared that the dates of entrance exams would change".

Abbaszadeh said that the SSAC determined the schedule of final examinations for the country: "The last final examination will be held on July 4. We were considering that the final examinations would finish on July 4. But now the various problems occur. The list examinees, who take the exams in external manner and didn’t pass the exams successfully, is being formed now hasn’t been presented to us. We receive this information starting with today till May 30. But they haven’t been fully approved. That’s why we didn’t know how many people will participate in these examinations

We need time. We knew that the base is completely clear. After getting these lists till May 30 and starting inspection process due to this, we will know that how many people would participate in the examination on July 8. After this, we will correctly announce the dates of the entrance examinations.

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