"Russia will not be able to win the nuclear conflict" - Secretary General of NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance has not seen any changes in the preparation of Russia's nuclear forces, but continues to monitor the situation.

According to information obtained by SIA, "RIA Novosti" reports this with reference to "Reuters" agency.

"So far, we have not observed any changes in the readiness of nuclear forces, but we are watching carefully and remaining vigilant.

Russia will not be able to win the nuclear conflict and Moscow's use of nuclear weapons will have unprecedented consequences for it," the Secretary General of NATO stated.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO will "continue to be vigilant and help Ukraine" at a time when partial mobilization is announced in the Russian Federation.

In the end, the Secretary General noted that NATO countries intend to increase pressure on Russia and impose new sanctions.

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