Russian peacekeepers have fulfilled their tasks at high level in Garabagh, says First Deputy Commander

“Specialists of the engineering units of Russian Peacekeeping Contingent implemented an important task in the process of establishing peace. Thousands of hectares of land were cleared of landmines by the sappers, more than 30,000 explosives were discovered and destroyed,” Yevgeny Nikiforov, First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces, Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces said at the solemn ceremony held dedicated to the withdrawal of the Russian peacekeeping contingent from the territory of the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

He said that in order to help the local population, more than 350 humanitarian campaigns were held, more than 90,000 people received targeted assistance, more than 1,000 civilians were provided with qualified medical assistance.According to him, three and a half years ago, as a result of joint efforts, it was possible to stop the war in the region:

“The leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia signed a statement on the establishment of a ceasefire and the cessation of all military operations along the contact line. The deployment of Russian peacekeepers to the region began almost the next day, non-stop service was organized by RPC at observation and guard posts. Following of the ceasefire regime was monitored. A solid foundation was created for the restoration of peaceful life.

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