Donald Trump secures victory in republican caucus in North Dakota

Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the Republican caucus in the state of North Dakota, SIA reports citing Reuters.

The entirety of the delegates at the convention cast their votes in favor of the former President.

The caucus, held among all GOP supporters in the state on Monday, March 4, saw overwhelming support from the majority of conservative Americans in North Dakota, who intend to back Trump in the presidential race.

In the recent poll, the former leader of the White House garnered 84% of the votes, while his closest rival, Nikki Haley, secured the support of 14% of state Republicans. According to official documents, to qualify for delegate support in North Dakota, a candidate must accumulate at least 20% of the votes.

Prior to this, the U.S. Supreme Court granted permission for Trump to pursue a candidacy for the presidency.

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