Commemoration Events held in Western regions on the 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre

As in all regions of our country, the 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly massacre was solemnly commemorated in the western regions.

In the Samukh, Shamkir, and Naftalan districts, the 32nd anniversary of the Khojaly massacre was deeply remembered with profound sorrow, SIA reports citing AZƏRTAC.

Officials from the executive authorities, law enforcement agencies, leaders of administration, institutions, and organizations, representatives of the public, and personal staff of military units participated in memorial ceremonies.

In connection with the anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, memorial nights, exhibitions, and book presentations were organized in the administration, institutions, and organizations of the western regions, as well as in educational and cultural institutions.

It is noted that the work initiated by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev to convey the tragedy of Khojaly to the world public continues today. It is emphasized that the glorious Victory of the Azerbaijani Army in the Patriotic War under the leadership of the Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev is inscribed in the history of Azerbaijan as the Year of Triumph. Currently, the tricolor State flag of Azerbaijan is waving in all our liberated lands.

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