Azerbaijan unveils number of victims of human trafficking and forced labor detected in 2023

The number of victims of human trafficking and forced labor identified last year has been determined, this was reflected in the 2023 annual report of the National Coordinator for Combating Human Trafficking, APA reports.

159 (+2) cases of human trafficking and 3 (fixed) cases of forced labor with operational search measures carried out by the special police agency, continuing the work of identifying the victims of human trafficking and forced labor, taking appropriate measures of responsibility for the perpetrators of exploitation, as well as 44 (fixed) crimes related to illegal actions with documents for the purpose of human trafficking were detected.

Based on these facts, 16 (+2) criminal cases have been initiated, and 18 individuals (+2, 15 female, 3 male) were involved as defendants. In total, investigations into 11 (-2) criminal cases (including 3 from previous years) have been completed, resulting in 14 individuals (-1, 11 female, 3 male) being brought to court for accountability, with indictments issued against 10 (-2) traffickers.

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