Paws-ibly the friendliest polar bear ever. Cub waves for the camera before stretching its legs as it emerges from den in Canada. Standing on its hind legs, it tilts its head to the side and waves as it looks in the direction of the camera.

These adorable photos show a polar bear cub emerging from its snowy den in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada.
It can be seen lifting its paw into the air, before stretching its front legs and pressing its paws together in a 'praying' position.

The images were taken by 43-year-old wildlife photographer Greg Harvey, who spends his time capturing anthropomorphic shots.

'The polar bear cub stretched out a limb and it looked like she was waving,' he said. 'She then smacked her paws together, perhaps to remove snow off her pads or to relieve an itch, and it looks like she is praying.'

Mr Harvey, from Atlanta, said that members of the public often ask him about the 'story' behind his anthropomorphic images.

He added: "The funny thing about anthropomorphism is it can happen at any time. Truthfully, the stories of any interest are normally what happens behind the scenes in a strange country."

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