3-year-old girl scored incredible IQ

A three-year-old girl has been unveiled as the one of the youngest ever members of high IQ society Mensa.

Alice Amos scored an incredible 162 in an IQ test - matching some of the world's most notable intellectuals, both past and present.

The toddler, from Guildford, Surrey, is already bilingual, speaking both English and Russian, where her parents are from.

Alice's advanced intellect means she is one of the 'top one per cent', with an IQ eight points higher than Carol Vorderman.

Her score also matches that of Professor Stephen Hawking, who has never officially revealed his IQ, but which is gauged to be between 160 and 165.

The three-year-old's score means she is only one of 18 pre-school members of the society.

She already spends her spare time reading Aesop's fables and other fairytales, also enjoying singing, dancing, painting, crafts and reading.

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