European Commission initiates investigation into TikTok over digital services act compliance

The European Commission has launched an investigation into the popular social network TikTok regarding its compliance with the Digital Services Act, which allows the company to enable age-appropriate services.

This move by the European Commission is reported by Reuters, citing an official statement from the AK, SIA reports.

The evaluation will focus on TikTok's adherence to the Digital Services Act's provisions related to the protection of minors and the management of risks, as well as the placement of public information.

If found guilty, TikTok could face a penalty equivalent to 6% of its global turnover.

It is worth noting that in December of last year, the European Commission already scrutinized the X social network (formerly Twitter, blocked in the Russian Federation) for suspected manipulation of public opinion. Now, officials are examining the digital platform's operations based on the provisions of the Digital Services Act.

A final decision regarding TikTok's compliance with the Act has not been reached at this time.

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