Moon to approach Earth at minimum distance in Supermoon event

A supermoon, which astronomers refer to as a full moon, occurs on days when the distance between the Earth and the Moon shrinks to a year's minimum and will appear on Wednesday.

SİA informs citing foreign media that the event can be observed in the evening sky after 22:00 (Baku time).

The Moon (at 13:09, Baku time) will approach the Earth at 357,263 km in what is said to be the smallest distance from it in 2022. The visible diameter of the Moon is 33 minutes 27 seconds. A full moon will occur on the same day at 22:38.

A supermoon is a combination of perigee and full moon, the time interval between which does not exceed three days. The coincidences of these events happen every year, but they are rarely close in time (less than 9 hours). In clear weather, the biggest Moon of the year can be observed after 22:00.

Around midnight, the Moon will reach its maximum height above the southern horizon. All night until sunrise, the supermoon will shine in the constellation Sagittarius.

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