Shamsaddin Hajiyev: “The opportunities of New Azerbaijan Party are wide enough”

This year parliament elections will be more transparent and objective than last elections. MP Shamsaddin Hajiyev spoke about that to SIA. He said that the main difference between other elections and IV summons is that the condition has been created for choosing worthy candidate. Speaking about the additions and changes to Election Code MP said that these changes will create better condition for transparency elections: "Besides it additions and changes to the Election Code is connected with the providing of democratic elections and creation its legal base".
He also spoke about the comments of opposition parties that the participation of last candidates in the new list of New Azerbaijan Party is connecting with the minority of candidate: "The opposition parties can say everything. But the reality is that the opportunities of New Azerbaijan Party are wide. It is possible to enlarge the list of New Azerbaijan party for 3 times, especially the number of young candidates".

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