Seismological Service Center addresses citizens over earthquake

The Republican Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has addressed the citizens.

SIA reports that the Center advise the citizens do not believe in unverified information of the tremors.

"The earthquake is a natural phenomenon that occurs underground. As the Seismological Service Center, we are meant to provide accurate information to the public of what really happens. People should not believe rumors and inaccurate information except for official statements. Untrue information circulating affect people negatively," said the Center, noting that minor tremors are likely to occur during the day as the earthquake was powerful enough.

Note that, the earthquake occurred 29km southeast of Sheki city (territory of Sheki district) at 9:49AM this morning. The quake was magnitude 7 in the epicenter and magnitude 6 to 5 in surrounding districts.

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