10 per cent increase observed in exports of Turkish goods to Azerbaijan

Exports of Turkish goods to Azerbaijan hit $200 million in Jan. 2013 compared to $181.5 million in Jan. 2012, a report from the Turkish Council of Exporters published on its official website, said today.

Azerbaijan's share in Turkish export hit 1.7 per cent.

The range of goods exported by Turkey to Azerbaijan (including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic), consist of wood products (worth $21.5 million), cement ($7.1 million), precious stones and jewellery ($5.5 million), ferrous metals ($15.3 million), non-ferrous metals ($2.1 million), leather ($1.2 million), other products ($234,000 million), electricity ($18.5 million), carpets ($3.8 million), chemical products ($36.8 million), machinery ($19.4 million) and textiles ($1 million).

The main trading partners are Germany, where Turkey exported goods worth $1 billion in Jan. 2013, Iraq - $884 million and Great Britain - $650 million.

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