North Korean troops briefly cross inter-Korean border

A group of North Korean soldiers inadvertently briefly crossed the demarcation line on June 9 and returned back to its territory after warning shots, Yonhap reported citing the South Korean military.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, about 20 DPRK servicemen violated the demarcation line in the central part of the demilitarized zone at about 12:30 local time [06:30 Moscow time]. The South Korean side issued a warning via loudspeakers and made several warning shots. After that, the North Korean troops returned back to their territory; South Korea registered no signs of "unusual behavior."

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson Lee Sung Joon, Seoul does not believe that North Korean troops crossed the line intentionally; the spokesperson pointed out that dense vegetation in that area obscures the signs that mark the demarcation line.

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