South Korea says will reconsider providing weapons to Ukraine

South Korea on Thursday said it will review the possibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine, Yonhap news reported citing an official after the leaders of North Korea and Russia signed a pact pledging mutual defence in the event of war, APA reports.

In an official statement released on Thursday, Seoul also condemned the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement signed by the leaders of North Korea and Russia this week, saying it violates United Nations sanctions.

“The government clearly emphasizes that any cooperation that directly or indirectly helps North Korea increase its military power is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and is subject to monitoring and sanctions by the international community,” the presidential office said in a statement, adding that such violation would worsen Seoul’s relations with Moscow.

North Korea and Russia revived an agreement made during the Cold War era when their leaders met in Pyongyang this week, and agreed to provide military assistance if they are ever attacked.

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