PACE President: “The Assembly will not adopt any document on Safarov Case”

1 Oktyabr 2012 16:35 (UTC+04:00)

"PACE will not adopt any document on the "Ramil Safarov Case" ", PACE Chairman Jean Claude Mignon said to journalists at the briefing.

Jean Claude Mignon said that he was against creation of extra polemics on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan: "The creation of extra polemics is neither my nor PACE work. In general, it is a very complicated issue and being the Council of Europe we are ready to do our best for assisting in this issue within the parliamentary democracy. I have already made a statement on the Ramil Safarov Case" and condemned his pardoning but decided to hold a current affairs debate on "The Safarov case" during the 4th session of the PACE. Adoption of any document is out of question. We will try to hold these discussions objectively."

Jean Claude Mignon also spoke about his meeting with the heads of Azerbaijani and Armenian delegations within the final session of the PACE: "I called on them to cooperate in a healthy environment and said that we must find the solution of the conflict. I’m sure that the Council of Europe will play a positive role in the settlement of the conflict. But I say again that we don’t intend to create extra polemics and incite. We must prefer dialogue towards the creation of a healthy environment between the two countries within the parliamentary democracy."

PACE chairman said that he was against the restoration of Subcommittee on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict: "I consider that we must trust the OSCE Minks Group to solve the problem".