Karabakh conflict to not promote security in the region-Nino Kalandadze

11 ─░yun 2012 12:00 (UTC+04:00)
Security in the region is quite shaky, Nino Kalandadze says.

The Karabakh conflict does not promote security in the region. The statement came from Georgian Deputy FM Nino Kalandadze.

She said that security in the region is quite shaky. International community knows it well and all countries of the region are aware of it.

"I am deeply convinced that all participant countries of the conflict are aware of the complexity of this problem, the outcome of this for the region, the painless results it may bring, including in terms of development of regional states. Therefore, I am deeply convinced that both countries will be adequate in assessing the situation and take all measures to ensure security", Kalandadze said.

She said in the current shaky conditions of security in the region, there is always a theoretical threat of escalation of the events in relation to which everything in the region must be sensitive.

"I am sure that both conflict parties are sensitive", Kalandadze said and added that Georgia has intensive ties with both states.