Armenia try to conceal criminal actions casting the blame on Azerbaijani side, says Eldar Sabiroglu

8 İyun 2012 14:38 (UTC+04:00)
"The falsehood strikes root on the top of the Armenian state.

The state administration in Armenia is based on falsehood and lies, which cause domestic tensions in the country. Non-existence of periodical public information, concealing facts of losses and failures strengthened the public protests", spokesman for the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, Colonel Eldar Sabiroglu said.

After the gun battles in the frontline, the Armenian leadership chose spreading of false information as a solution, Sabiroglu said. "It is seen from the continuous disinformation in the country’s mass media. Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan has also joined the production of falsehood and leads this campaign of lying. Losing all sense of shame he tries to mislead both Armenian people and international organizations. It seems he has no other way out and therefore uses such shameful methods. All economic mechanisms and social relations in the country were destroyed. Azerbaijan’s success in NATO Chicago Summit and the last military failure of Armenia allow us to see what a situation revolts in this country. Serzh Sargsyan revealed his true face of invader . He is a criminal and killer of children. His true face is known all over the world. This criminal president played a direct role in Khojaly tragedy, killing of children and pregnant women. Sargsyan is responsible for killing of 9-year-old Fazil Badalov on March 8 2011. This child didn’t know what the war is and never kept a weapon in hand. He was killed by an Armenian sniper while playing on the street. Serzh Sargsyan and his team are responsible for killing of these innocent people. The killers of children will be brought to justice soon. Invader Sargsyan shouldn’t forget it. He has no right to speak about humanism and human feelings. Armenian political and military leadership try to conceal their criminal actions casting the blame on Azerbaijani side".